...When not ranting about Frederick...

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My time has come as a history major to write an analytical paper about whether Friedrich the Great was gay or not.

I have waited long for this paper.

the fuck class are you taking girl and where can I sign up?

Basically it’s historiography, and it really is mostly analyzing the documents I use but my professor wanted controversial topics and he thought my topic was brilliant.

Liz 1, Historiography 0

Cool! Inquiring (and procrastinating) minds want to know, what documents you analyzing?

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Being asexual instead of sexual is like being left-handed instead of right-handed. It’s not the way most people are, but it is no better or worse than being anything else. In a classroom with movable one-arm desks, a right-handed person can sit anywhere; a left-handed person can either sit in discomfort at a desk made for the right-handed or locate a left-handed desk and be as comfortable as everyone else. It takes a little more effort for the left-handed person to fit in, but that is because culture is dominated by the right-handed, not because a left-handed person is biologically inferior. By (via aimmyarrowshigh)

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“I’m a writer” I whisper as I look up war statistics

“I’m a writer” I whisper as I look up when the blender was invented

“I’m a writer” I whisper as I figure out how many times you can get shot without dying

“I’M A WRITER” I shout when someone uses my laptop and I left the page open to stab-wound references.

“I’M A WRITER!” I yell as I stare at a wall for hours instead of actually writing.

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"Quarantine the area and keep Enjolras out especially, he’s weirdly susceptible."
—-Today’s prompt: draw someone dancing! 

This one brought on by the post going around about Courfeyrac calling Marius “Young Man” and then breaking into YMCA, and, you know, the fact that disco! Amis will always be a part of me.

(He is of course not dancing out  Y-M-C-A. Why would Courfeyrac know to use those letters, that’s silly. No silliness here.)